“Spending on experiences, adventure tourism, and action based activities is at an all time high…………..in the wake of a global lockdown a growing number of Gen X, Millenials, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha have turned to passion, movement , and excitement as a way of life…………..In their pursuits we have created a new reality where instant gratification comes with a service charge………….And the expectation that everything is at our fingertips.”

$500k in our Angel Round

Scope, ambition, and opportunity

  • Action Sports: The action sports market's value is projected to reach $648.79 billion by 2027, with a 4.6% CAGR from 2020 to 2027. With North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific displaying significant potential, the global reach of the industry is evident
  • Scaling for Success: A $500k investment will fuel talent acquisition, ensuring platform refinement, while auto-scaling distributed cloud structures guarantee stability. Our senior staff engagement assures seamless operations.
  • Transactional Fees & Strategic Thrust: Leveraging a proprietary marketplace for gear sales and a metrics system, we'll secure more revenue. Strategic marketing involving influencers and existing user engagement will accelerate growth, propelling our app to the forefront of the burgeoning action sports realm.

Allocation Strategy


  • (30%) Development & Refinement: Junior and senior developers will enhance the app's current iteration. Asset creation to enrich the user experience. Rigorous stress testing to ensure optimal functionality at each version.
  • (25%) Ground Theory Programs and OutreachNot just quid pro quo. Boots on the ground are also responsible maintaining and enhancing relevance, spreading new content or company information as it's released. Outreach campaigns across multiple platforms.
  • (25%) Operational Investment: Greate cloud infrastructure from providers like AWS and Digital Ocean. Database management using Mongo DB for efficient data handling. Hosting through Siteground for reliable performance. Senior staff hours dedicated to smooth operations.
  • (10%) Proprietary Marketplace:  Utilizing our existing apis to continue developing our Proprietary Marketplace (10%). Developing a dedicated marketplace for gear sales, new and used.
  • (10%) Metrics System Enhancement: Further expansion of our proprietary metrics system providing valuable insights to users and industry stakeholders.
    These allocations outline our cursory strategy for utilizing the requested funding effectively across various aspects of our business, positioning us for growth and success in the dynamic action sports industr.

Balance: Revenue Generation and Cost MGMT

The tenets of profitability for ITHOS

  • User Adoption and Engagement: Early adopter program locks in our partner schools and their students. Existing student signups will have shareable content/links to pull more students into the ITHOS space.
  • Monetization Strategies: Diverse transactional profits from lessons, gear sales, instructor led excursions, and in-app purchases of digital services. Weather dependent sports rely on forecasting services that we can build into our maps api as a simple layer and itemize key weather metrics. 
  • Operational Efficiency: Careful selection of cloud service providers, efficient resource allocation, and optimization of hosting expenses contribute to cost-effectiveness.
  • First Mover Advantage: Being a first mover in the action sports app space offers distinct advantages that can contribute to enhanced profitability.
  • Capture Market Share: As the pioneer, our app will capture a significant portion of the market before competitors enter. Early adopters are more likely to align with a well-established platform, giving us a competitive edge.
  • Brand Recognition: Early branding; community relevance enables stronger brand recognition and loyalty quickly. Users will associate ITHOS with the action sports industry's innovation, and will be more likely to remain loyal as the market grows.
  • Network Effects: Being the first to market allows us to create network effects, where our value increases as more users join. This results in a self-reinforcing cycle of growth, making it harder for competitors to catch up.
  • Higher Margins: As the only player in the market initially, we have more flexibility in suggesting pricing strategies and potentially higher profit margins. Leading to profitability sooner.
The How...

Employing a multi-pronged approach

With our 11k pre-launch signups we will leverage:

  • Network Effect:  Encouraging early adopters to spread the word, creating a viral loop that amplifies user acquisition as one had washes the other.
  • Partnerships:  We've identified and are speaking with various with varied social influencers, travel and hospitality content partners, and action sports schools and instructors to foster a broad user base.
  • Tailored Content: Our ground theory programs and outreach strategies will deliver curated content across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, email, and proximity SMS, engaging students and instructors with compelling messaging and value propositions.
The What...

 Incentivized partnerships

What we promise in potential partnerships:

  • Revenue Sharing: We offer programs for early adopters, providing a direct financial incentive for partners to recommend and promote ITHOS.
  • Influence & ExposureSocial influencers can amplify their reach by associating with an emerging leader in the action sports industry and receive unique/tailored promotional placement.
  • Value-added ServicesAction sports schools and instructors can enhance their offerings by leveraging our platform's features, increasing their value to their own clients. Metrics, ratings, and special access to upload instructional content is key.
The Why...

 Distinct & helpful, no more guesswork

We built it, because we lived it, as instructors and coaches

  • Convenience:  Streamlined and centralized booking experience, saving time, effort, and no more complexity
  • Comprehensive Comp:  Users can access a wealth of information, including ratings, reviews, gear availability, and instructor credentials, making informed decisions. Also chat with your instructor right in the app and progress faster.
  • Community and Insights: Our proprietary metrics system offers a unique dimension, giving users insights into their progress and performance, fostering engagement and growth beyond a simple booking transaction

we give back

Your authenticity matters. Earn while teaching lessons in your area, or as an early adopter / revenue partner.