Each instructor is either independent or affiliated with a school. Schools and independent instructors should have a strong teaching background and focus on the following when onboarding:

    • certification(s)
    • clear lesson plan
    • past experience
    • adequate equipment
    • insurance
    • instructional media for university section

Ready to share the journey?

Ithos connects you with students
They book a lesson – You control the business

Dubbed “Lyft for windsports,” we’re happy to agree. With one catch… set your rate, and service charges are absolutely minimal. While the overwhelming majority of applications and services charge in excess of 20%, we are under 10%. The added caveat is our instructors / schools retain on average 96%.

We are the only service to provide this because our focus at ITHOS is not to drive our own profit. All fees are split between the instructor/school and the student. Your success is what builds this community. Our solemn pledge is to never dictate the rates instructors/schools offer. It’s your business, we simply want to drive more of it to you.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Teach anywhere you’d like, in any activity. Traveling to another city? Teach a lesson. Another country? Find students abroad.

Your Schedule. Your Rate.

Bring your own certification(s) or receive comprehensive, complimentary ITHOS level I certifications. We serve YOU.


Organize more than just a lesson. Create your excursion and let multiple students join the adventure with you.