Ithos is that meeting place we never knew we needed. And now that it’s here every aspect of how students and customers interact with schools and instructors has changed….for the better.

Aleksa Sanchez

Community Ambassador, Instructor - Duotone Athlete



Students choose their paths within Ithos. Students have the chance to learn what disciplines really move them, as they themselves get out and move. Each lesson is booked in seconds, and confirmed by each instructor. The passion students already have, or discover, becomes the drive behind their progress.

Lessons add to a student’s experience points, which in version 2 of Ithos will comprise a students lesson profile for their connections to see. Instructors are either independent or affiliated with a school. Ready to share the journey?

Focusing on students one-on-one
Instructors take your progress to new heights

Commitment to improving lesson access across all disciplines has driven the scope of Ithos. What began as a convenient way to connect students with kitesurfing instructors has blossomed into a nerve center for any sport where students benefit from having in-person lessons. Whether your desire wind sports, paddle boarding, or anything in between, Ithos will continue to connect students with independent instructors and schools.

We concentrate on building communities. The various activities within our network provide numerous ways for students to get out and move. We believe a body in motion stays in motion, and a body at rest stays at rest, so why not move while we can? Why not discover our passions, and share new expierences?

Anytime. Anywhere.

Learn where you’d like, any activity. Visiting another city? Take a lesson. Another country? Find instructors abroad.

Your Schedule. Your Choice.

Find the right instructor with a simple scroll. Instructors and schools are joining daily, in growing areas.


Already taken lessons? Join an organized excursion and share the adventure with other students, and riders like you.